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These always crack me up by how absurd they are. I didn't get an e-mail with monies being offered but I got a call on my voicemail from one of those robo-callers saying I'm being sued by the "Internal Revenue Services" and I needed to call back ASAP.

Just for giggles I decided to call the number back and blocked my phone number in case they had caller ID. I asked the person "Edward" from the "IRS" and he confirmed they in fact were suing me but asked for my name to pull up my file. I refused to provide my name, and then said if you're going to sue me then you should send something in writing, he then asked for my address which I refused. I then asked to be taken off the call list when Edward played ignorant and then suddenly hung up.

I went to the real IRS website and reported the phone number and the scam.
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