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I'm sorry to crash...

But I just wanted to say that when I was initiated into my sorority, I was a member of the 6th new member class (2 years removed from the last of the colony members graduating). Did our chapter struggle? Yes-- we were no longer the "newest" chapter so we didn't have as much help from HQ (help yes, someone around all the time, no), and we also didn't have an established alumnae base to draw from for help. So what helped? We had a WONDERFUL alumna who stepped up to the plate even though she herself was only 24. Without her, who knows? So if you are worried, stay involved. Be an advisor, or write encouraging notes. Send $ (even if it is only $10). Volunteer to write an alumna newsletter to keep other alumnae up to date. Make sure the new women know they are apreciated and loved. End crash.
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