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Originally Posted by carnation View Post
Lately, we've been telling new GC members that a lot of the true bonding moments in Greek life occur away from ritual--when you're just hanging out together. My husband and I just witnessed a good example.

We're visiting a college town right now and the wind and rain are formidable. A bunch of AXiDs just came tearing out of a gas station and jumped into their car and somehow one of them accidentally rolled up her window with her hair hanging out. We could hear hysterical laughter as she got it back in. My husband remarked that they'll be talking about that at reunions 50 years from now.

All the way back to the college, I was thinking about random wild and crazy moments with my sorority that we still talk about to this day...
What a fun example! Made me think of some of my own...

1) During rush every room had M&M's in them (this was for house tours where rushees saw our own rooms). Every rush my roommates and I would eat them up before that party round and run out at the last minute to get more, like a couple of hours before the parties started. Common among every room, we'd drain the local grocery store's stash.
2) Packing my car up one semester, a sister helped me load things in and put my hot rollers (remember how they came in a plastic "heating" case?) on the top of the car. I drove off without noticing and they crashed onto the street. Neither of us have ever forgotten that.
3) Every Christmas the campus theater showed the movie "Black Christmas" about a group of sorority sisters stalked on their campus...Olivia Hussey was the star. Of course a bunch of us would go see it and then be afraid to go into the house basement to get our luggage for traveling home.
4) How everyone in the house wore Lanz nightgowns (remember them? Late 70's) but we wore them backwards. Have no idea how that started, but I have a fond memory of that for some reason.
5) And one of my very favorite - related to ritual - was whenever we'd have a candle-lighting ceremony and the heightened anticipation when it would go around for a 2nd time. THAT was special!
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