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Great advice by above poster!!!

IHQ is a wonderful place to get some great advice from. After all, that is why your Chapter is paying dues for.

If you do not work out a plan, then sad to say it may fail and that is the bottom line isn't it? Fail or stay and grow!

When I started my local back in 1965, there were 6 National Fraternities on campus and one sponsered by a National. We were just the new kids on the block that all wished would just go away and none of the Sororities even recognized us.
But the one thing we had was grit and the never say die attitude. Needless we won as still there and one of the biggest and best on campus, we had our ups and downs.

But azs I said, get it figured out or end up being gone!!! Old adage, plan your work and work your plan! Wow, so you had a bigger Pledge Class than Members, Damn, that would/should/ and could be the best thing ever!!!

You all seem to look at everything on the negative side and not the positive side! So, get with the friggen program, DAH!

LX Z # 1
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