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Totally understand!

I feel your pain! My chapter was re chartered on my school's campus a little over four years ago, and we still don't have a cohesive image. While there aren't necessarily strong "types" of sororities at my school, it's pretty clear where groups stand.

We're strongly in the middle, so we always reach quota during formal recruitment, but many girls drop throughout the year. We overcompensate for this by going over quota each year, meaning we're taking girls we might not have otherwise, which I agree leads to a weaker sisterhood. We're all very involved on campus, but a new sorority was just re-established on campus, so we can't keep riding on the "we're new" label.

I'm going to be a senior, and I've decided to recruit next year instead of acting as a recruitment counselor so that I can try to help us be more selective and focused during recruitment. Just know, you're not alone!
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