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In my experience, the matrix listed above wouldn't work at a small campus with only 2 or 3 chapters because then you run into a situation of one chapter appearing to be more affordable than another, but yet on another campus with more chapters, you don't want to be known as the "cheap sorority" either.

I don't know if this is a problem anymore, but a few years ago on one campus I work with, it was like pulling teeth to get accurate, fair information to provide to PNMs. One chapter on campus was reporting the bare minimum to panhellenic, and NOT telling the PNMs about how they fined out the wazoo (which is why they were able to afford listing their dues so low). My chapter preferred to list our dues as all inclusive, but finally had to pull a few things out and list as separate "optional charges" just to appear more financially competitive. Again, I don't think this is an issue anymore... but it definitely used to be, and it was a complete nightmare and a headache.

Recruitment strategy should not stoop to being dishonest about financial obligations
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