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The sorority cost/money/financial thread.

{The money talk happens everywhere on GC, so I wanted to make a central place to talk (to PNMs and anyone else) about money. The treasurer/housing corp/financial peeps, rejoice.}

So you want to join a sorority? Awesome. In case you have not guessed, it costs money.

It is actually required of Panhellenics to provide PNMs with some sort of cost/financial info. However, it's up to your school HOW they choose to provide it.

Your school might be awesome (like mine was) and provide you with a detailed cost breakdown outlining every single thing that is going to require money for the entire year.

Others will just give you a ballpark number such as "Costs per year range anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000."

If you get a ballpark, assume and plan for the higher side. Don't assume, "It won't be that high." Even if you get a bid to $2,000 chapter, it may end up being more like $4,000 if those costs don't include socials, parlor fees, etc.

Also, even if you're given good info, consider that there are some chapters who are "all-inclusive" meaning that you pay what appears to be a higher cost, but have things built into your dues like formal tickets, favors, etc.

For example: An all inclusive chapter might have first year costs of like $5,000, but include tickets to all your socials, favors, all tee shirts for every event etc.

Non-All Inclusive might be $4,000. It seems less expensive, but you pay separately for tickets, parking, socials, out of pocket.
There is merit here in that you can CHOOSE whether you'd like to attend x party or formal, rather than pay automatically for the tickets. There are pros and cons to each!

Also consider live-in costs. Sometimes it's cheaper than the dorms, sometimes it's equal. Many times (particularly with the level of awesomeness in a lot of newer chapter houses), it costs more. There are also some chapters who REQUIRE you to live in the chapter house for a certain length of time. You are not a special snowflake, you will be expected to do it. Keep that in mind.

There are OTHER costs associated with being Greek that don't always show up in the financial info such as having a Little Sister, craft supplies, etc. as well.

In addition, there are chapters who may fine members for missing events, meetings, etc. Keep that in mind as well.

Most importantly, consider your financial resources before deciding to pursue recruitment. This is a lifetime commitment and as such, it carries a financial commitment as well.

Do you need to be super mega rich to join? No! But as soon as you get that bid, there are going to be financial responsibilities coming due (really, like you get a bid and many times your first payment of NM fees is due prior to your NM ceremony.) You need to have a plan for how you are going to afford it.

Too often, members join, not thinking of the cost. Then once they realize that it is super costly, they depledge or even worse, terminate their memberships.

Please avoid wasting sorority time and ensure that you have a plan in place to address sorority costs should you receive a bid.

Note: A plan is not assuming "oh my parents will pay." Don't assume. You need to get confirmation that they'll do so (and be upfront with THEM about how much it may cost.)

Additional note: A plan is not, "I'll take the bid worry about it later." No because in 4 weeks you'll be all "omg I can't afford this and I'm dropping out." Ain't nobody got time for that.

Really bad idea: assuming "Oh they have payment plans." Some do, some do not allow it.

Part-time jobs are a good plan, especially one that's flexible with student schedules.

I guess the point of this thread is to talk money/allow you to ask questions and encourage you to do your homework on costs before you commit.

So you got a bid! For the active sorority member.

Congrats! Now pay your dues, on time. All the time. Your chapter and National HQ depend on it. There is no chapter if no one pays.

Don't pay your dues? Some sororities do not allow you to participate in certain things. Don't be all "Why can't I go to date party?" when you have a $1,200 balance. Nonpayment may even cause you to lose your membership. most importantly, it shafts your sisters whom you say you care about. (not being dramatic, every missing dollar impacts the budget and falls on others.)

Be financially smart: If paying dues is hard for you one month, maybe you don't need that new Lilly sorority bag. You'll survive without it. I promise. Necessities first, extras second.

"Remember that apathy has no place in our Sorority." - Kelly Jo Karnes, Pi

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