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Originally Posted by Sphinxie View Post
Merely located in the South. I like that. I went to Miami in the 1980s, and we didn't have deferred recruitment in the sense of making freshmen wait until spring. However, we did have formal rush in both fall and spring. Fall was bigger, but spring wasn't nothing. Do any schools do that anymore?

I have to say, as someone who did wait until spring (voluntarily), I kind of like the idea of deferred recruitment because it allows students to get a feel for the school and whether they wish to join. I would never have thought I'd wanted to join a sorority, but after a semester there, I knew I did. However, Miami was not then and is not now the type of school where you have to join a sorority to fit in and meet people. It was simply one of two possible paths. My daughter attends a large, state school, and it seems much more difficult to meet people casually.
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