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Originally Posted by HQWest View Post
Another good way to think about it is like college admissions. If you didn't get invited back to one chapter - its probably not that they don't like you (they might not have had a chance to get to know you), its that they had someone else who they saw fit better into their program. They only have a certain number of spots.

Maybe it was GPA, maybe they already had friends or a sister in the chapter, maybe they had awesome rec letters, but there was someone else that fit better than you. If you are going to school out of state or a first generation rushing - just like job applications, you have had less of an opportunity to advertise yourself before recruitment. Before dropping out completely its time to evaluate what your goals for joining a GLO are.

Was just to meet people? Or to network? You have already done that. Will they still be your friends if you bump into them in class - probably.

Was it to find a home a way from home and a support network as a freshman that can help you get accustomed to college life? Then you have to think about - those girls at the chapter that invited you back still offer that. They may not have been your favorite the first day - but they want YOU, they see something special in YOU that you can bring to their chapter. (Nobody always has the best first impression? right?) On the other hand, are you prepared to give what just having a group to belong to might offer for a year to try again?

Just like college admissions - if you don't get your top choice right off the bat, is it worth sitting out a year - knowing that you will have a very small chance of making it on the second try either? Or could you take your energy and be a star wherever you fit in?
Wonderful analogy!
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