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Great thread!

Originally Posted by Alumiyum View Post
I reminded girls who listed that second choice after pref and then got it on Bid Day that they are now unable to join any other sorority on campus for one year. So why not TRY for a little while at the second choice?

You're bound to the sorority that bid you for one calendar year, i.e. until next year's formal recruitment. And, as others have pointed out, if you do decline your bid and rush again next year, you're likely to find your options much more limited.

So there is really nothing to be lost by starting the new member program with your second/third choice sorority. You'll get to meet your pledge sisters, and you'll get to meet sisters you didn't have a chance to meet during FR. You can have a nice long chat with a sister, without having to shout to be heard, and with both of you knowing that she's not going to get bumped in a couple of minutes.

As your initiation date approaches, you can make a more informed decision about whether to make that lifelong commitment. You have now spent several weeks getting to know the sisters and your pledge sisters - rather than just a few hours in the craziness of formal recruitment. Now ask yourself if you would really rather not be greek than initiate into this sorority - and if the answer is yes, then depledge.

If you just tear up your bid card and run to your dorm room in tears, you may end up missing out on an awesome experience.
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