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There will be thousands of pins/badges on ebay. deaths of family members estates has changed a lot in the last few years plenty of young money now that getting old possessions from passed relatives is looked over now why spend weeks or months going through items when others will come and auction off everything for you for a percentage of the sales.

I can probably purchase 3 pins a day as scrap gold from estate sales I end up melting down a few of them each month, the older ones that still look good go up on ebay and if they do not get a offer of 2 too 3 times scrap value after 2 months listing they go in the melt pile. I actually try to avoid buying them as scrap since scrap pendants or rings that are a quick repair have more of a market and faster turn around otherwise I would go ahead and pick up the 3 or more I could get as scrap a day.

I have a 5 gram phi kappa psi pin from 1951 up right now that came in with a order of gold scrap.
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