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Originally Posted by nyapbp View Post
The compelling fact is the experience to be had in any of the 26 NPC groups is essentially the same. Membership is what you make of it. Many, many moons ago, a Panhellenic friend made a comment that has always resonated with me. She described another member of her chapter as being like a comfortable pair of shoes. And I started using that analogy. Stop in the shoe department of any department store and you'll see all sorts of beautiful and magnificent shoes. There are shoes that catch your eye or seem so full of exotic delights. When you try on a shoe that truly feels comfortable, you sense it. You know it will get you through all sorts of adventures. Sometimes that comfortable shoe isn't the one you first saw when you entered the department, but once you try it on you just know that it was meant for you.
I love the shoe analogy!

My daughter found the right fit on her campus, but she was a bit sad that Gamma Phi hadn't been an option and that we'd never be sisters. After we watched the Pi Phi Convention highlights video you posted, I told my daughter that it reminded me so much of Gamma Phi Conventions. Parade of flags/chapters, awards given out, cute tote bags, huge group photo, foundation room, etc. Basically, you could have changed the letters and the message was the same...lots of women filled with pride for their GLO and devoting time and energy to keep it vital. She'll have a great college experience with her sisters, and she'll have the same lifelong benefits and opportunities to serve.

And, she gets the Cookie Shine , which we don't have. Rats....
Gamma Phi Beta
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