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You are correct that since your sister's GLO is not on that campus then your "legacy" status is irrelavent. Based on what your sister said I assume she joined via informal recruitment where you can pick and choose which group's events you go to. Am I correct that Charleston has a formal recruitment? In a formal recruitment each PNM attends every chapter for the first round. After that it is (usually) by invitation.

Since you are transferring from a community college I assume that means you will not be considered a freshman. Bear in mind on some campuses and/or for some orgs, this may limit your choices. For others it is doesn't matter a bit. Hopefully someone else who knows about this campus can address that.

It seems very strange to me that you would be told you cannot even call the Greek Life to ask questions until after registering. I'd say call anyways. They ought to be able to field general process questions such as when, where, etc. That's part of their job year round IMO.
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