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Originally Posted by Cheerio View Post
Okay, Tom, as a child I had a few football cards (all gone now) and would like to guess the Original AFL Teams without googling:

Boston Patriots (had a Jim Whalen card)
Cleveland Browns
New York Jets
Houston Oilers
San Diego Chargers
Oakland Raiders
Cincinnati Bengals
Pittsburgh Steelers
Buffalo Bills

At least one of those has to be incorrect, as I believe there were once only sixteen total NFL/AFL teams.
Close but no cigar!

Original AFL Teams.

Miami Dolphians.
New York Titans, became the jets.
Buffalo Bills
Cincinnati Bengals
Dallas Texans became KC Chiefs
Denver Broncos
Houston Oilers became Tennessee Titans
Chargers. In LA then to San Diego, now back to L A. Then, maybe London, LOL
Raiders LA then Oakland, now going to Las Vegas
Boston Patriots

When the NFL and AFL merged, some teams were moved from NFL and split into AFC and NFC.

Pittsburgh and Cleveland were both original NFL and moved over. Wanted to balance the Conferences.

Now Another Trivia Question?

What is the original AFL teams with starting Helmet design that are the same today? 0 changes!

Good Luck!

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