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Originally Posted by Tom Earp View Post
Think todays game are going to make a lot of who goes on toward play offs and Super Bowl.

Little Trivia Questions.

1. Name Original AFL teams.
2. Name teams that are where they are from the start.

More to come that will get harder, LOL!

Don't have a list of games so only one I am guessing is Chiefs Vs. Vikings. This one worrys me a lot. Mahomes still out, but Moore,(Back up) been pretty well!
Okay, Tom, as a child I had a few football cards (all gone now) and would like to guess the Original AFL Teams without googling:

Boston Patriots (had a Jim Whalen card)
Cleveland Browns
New York Jets
Houston Oilers
San Diego Chargers
Oakland Raiders
Cincinnati Bengals
Pittsburgh Steelers
Buffalo Bills

At least one of those has to be incorrect, as I believe there were once only sixteen total NFL/AFL teams.
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