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Originally Posted by Griffins&Quills View Post
LOL dying

But, good question. I thought QAs were determined by the RFM specialists and advisors and that sometimes they were placed with their first choice, sometimes they were placed with the group that had the smallest total number.

Personally, I think QAs should be done such that she goes where she's ranked the highest.

Ignore the possibility of her moving up b/c enough girls from the A list were matched elsewhere...

Polly is on the 2nd bid list for all of the groups.
She's 30th on OMG's B-list
She's 8th on LOL's B-list
She's 12th on KMA's B-list

So, she matches to LOL
In this example it matters who she preffed first KMA, if her number comes up in the computer and they still have open spots, she is matched with them. Once they fill, it goes to her second choice OMG. If OMG is filled, then we go to her third choice, LOL. If LOL is still open that is where she will match.

I was in a situation where we hand matched the bids. It's not as complicated as it sounds, most of the time.
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