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Originally Posted by CMDelta View Post
I have a question maybe Pineapple or someone familiar with UT can answer. If a PNM attends 3 pref parties and lists them all on her bid card, isn't she guaranteed to match to one of them with the system that is in place now? I know that's the case at many other schools but I wasn't sure if UT adhered to that? I have a rec girl that it happened to and when her mom told me, I just didn't know what to say.
The process is called RFM. Virtually all campuses with Panhellenic do use this policy, including UT. RFM has been discussed here hundreds of times. Just do a Google search (Greekchat + RFM) for all the information you ever wanted to know about RFM.

Although nothing is every a 100% guarantee, yes, a girl should receive a bid IF she went to all of the pref parties that she was invited to AND she listed all of those chapters on her bid card after attending pref. I am really skeptical if your rec girl did not receive a bid after following this process. Sometimes girls won't admit that they did not follow those rules. What do you think?

Any chance that she matched to her last choice & chose not to accept, but didn't want to tell her mom?

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