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Originally Posted by thetalady View Post
I don't understand why this optional step show is even on the table. it is WAYYYY down the list of priorities and will take up a lot of her time. I understand it is fun, she was excited to be chosen, etc. Doesn't sound like she has the time for it right now. It is time for her to start learning to prioritize what is important.
Yes! The step show will consume A LOT of time. It's not mandatory, and is something she will have three more years to participate in. She should drop it.

As to can membership be deferred-not that I am aware of. And if this campus is a big Greek campus, this year might be her best bet for sorority membership.

Daughter can't drop calculus-it's a 5 hour class and she is taking 15 hours, so she would be at 10 hours, which would disqualify her for sorority membership.
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