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So I'm getting settled in. There is a LOT more to relocating than just getting the Visa. It took 3 weeks and 6 trips to the bank to get a checking account!! My DBS background check, clearing me to work with children, only took a week. It was easy to get approved to work with children. But proving that I'm not a money launderer was much more difficult!!!

I took my Visa paperwork, my Residency Permit and my passport to the bank. My Visa paperwork is related to the Visa in my passport, so it can only be used for ID, not as proof of address. They said to come back with a letter from the Council showing that I am on the tax roll. OK.

My friend who owns the house calls in, has me added, we wait for it to come int he mail, and I take it to the bank. The young guy who worked there opened an account for me!!! Yay!! I took the account number to HR the next day- the last day I could get that to them and still get paid in September.

I get a call from the bank two days later. They said, "Sorry. It's addressed to the homeowner, not to you. Just because you're listed in the letter as living at that address, but it isn't addressed to you, it doesn't count as proof of address." <sigh> I had 10 days to get valid proof to them. They suggested a utility bill- but not a cell phone bill.

I took in my DBS background check when it arrived a few days later. It was issued by the Council (the same one with the council tax), addressed to me. The bank said, "Sorry. A DBS background check isn't on the approved list of documents." <sigh>

I had my friend add me to the electricity bill. A few days later, a letter comes in from them, addressed to me! I take it to the bank. They said, "It has your name, and address, but doesn't have the account number. This won't work as proof of address." <sigh>

I call the electric company and explain what I need. They tell me to go home, take a meter reading, and call them back. I do that, and they send me a bill a few days later. I take it to the bank. It has my address, and it has my account number. It is addressed to Ms. TCSparky. No first name or initial. So it won't work. I need it to have my first name or initial. <sigh.

I call the electric company back. Tell them I need the bill reissued. WITH MY FIRST NAME OR INITIAL. AND MY ACCOUNT NUMBER. They say, "No problem." And I wait for it to come in.

Nothing comes in, so I call them back. They said, "We can't just reissue the bill. We can send you a gas bill if you'll give us the meter reading. OK, fine. I give them the meter reading. I wait several days for the bill to come in. I take it to the bank on a Saturday.

Success!!!!!!!!!!!! I made it just on the last day to get the address verified. So I have now have a bank account that I can use. I can actually now use my debit card and withdraw money from my account. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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