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Batman-themed story of Harriet's recruitment

Holy Sparkling Pink Recruitment Dresses! It's about time for a new recruitment story here on GC...

Harriet attended Gotham City University (GCU) which had ten NPC sororities named after villainous characters from the 1960's tv show Batman. GCU recruitment featured ten rushee groups, each served by one Rush Commissioner. Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl) served GCU as Panhellenic President.

Are you on the edge of your Batseat's in anticipation of a positive outcome? Then BIFF!! SPLATT!! WHAMMM!! Here we go...


LORD FFOGG: As befit a sorority named after a British Batman Villain, the hospitality of merry olde England greeted rushees. Ice water flowed into teacups with matching saucers from Lord Ffogg tea services. Smartly dressed Lord Ffogg ladies wore Garanimal-style clothing IE mix-and-match clothes for a wide variety of 'looks' (very popular back in the day). Harriet was offered a very narrow 6" X 13" chairseat for her rush interview. This group had a national 'sister' sorority, Lady Peasoup.

SIREN: Enticing Siren songs were voiced by a large, active sea of women. Stately Siren Manor had an annex next door thanks to their large membership numbers. Their rush style assured Harriet was appraised by every chapter member.

RIDDLER: Riddle me this, Batfans: Why did Riddler members reiterate the answers Harriet gave to their questions? Answer: In the Riddler house, as in the Bat Cave, everything echoed. The Riddler members parroting made Harriet dizzy with annoyance.

MINERVA: Wise women graduates from Harriet's high school (many whoooo were named Mary) lived in this chapter, which enjoyed an extended GCU campus history. Harriet left this house smiling!

DR. CASSANDRA SPELLCRAFT: This home's interior featured hospital-white cinder block walls and bare floors. Noise levels proportionate to that of a busy emergency room. Harriet met a member who worked toward a BSN degree. The professional warmth and charm of Dr Cassandra Spellcraft's women made this sorority THE sisterhood Harriet wanted to join.

ARCHER: A merry band of women who spoke of something within their home that had to do with angels, but it wasn't Christmastime. Harriet became re-acquainted with Archer ladies who'd helped her sign-up for rush at a Panhellenic Welcome table prior to beginning of semester.

CHANDELL: This house was known for its piano and multiple beauty queens. Chandell members sported upswept hair with impeccable, polished fingernails and airy pastel-colored clothing. Their rings, earrings, watches, belts, necklaces and shoes perfectly coordinated. The house president and rush captain greeted Harriet but in a curious maneuver, a third Chandell member sat upon a table in front of Harriet during her interview. Uncommon hand gestures by Chandell ladies during their exit song could have gotten Chandell members arrested by Gotham City's Chief O'Hara.

SANDMAN: Brown, tan, fawn and oatmeal colors flowed throughout Sandman's decor. Taupe? Yup. Harriet discovered that in the Sandman sorority world there IS that much cafe au lait! (sidednote: see Sandman decor IRL color example on youtube's "Redundancy Incorporated, Inc" 2012 Fifth Third Bank television commercial).

JOKER: Joker women wore too much makeup with nice dresses. Harriet felt their skit featured awkward inside jokes laughed at only by Joker members.

A Western theme featured enthusiastic women running toward rushees from behind their house. More Shame cowgals were singing from their home's windows and doors. Skit performed was similar to those Harriet recognized from family gatherings.


In the days before Bat Computers, GCU sorority invitations were pre-printed 3" X 5" cards with fill-in-the-sorority-name lines. A blank line on each card for Harriet's party time was filled-in after she handed a Rush Commissioner her chosen party cards. Harriet was graciously invited back to:

SHAME: Everything about the Shame house spoke to Harriet of Home Sweet Home on the Range, and she wanted to be their 'pardner' in sorority life forever!

JOKER: The joke was on rushees, as Joker women forgot to round up guests (including Harriet) from two dormitories. After Joker women were contacted and late-arriving rushees accepted into The Joker Hideout, Harriet was asked to make a wish at the house wishing well.

ARCHER: Golden arches contributed to the fast-food theme of an Archer skit. Woman portraying Ronald McDonald never smiled at Harriet, or anyone, during skit or while engaging in later party conversation.

MINERVA: Harriet smiled at every Minerva she made eye contact with, not just the women she was introduced to. Harriet had the brain, spirit and heart equal to these women and wanted them to have her as a member. Popular, peppy 60's tune vocalized by Minervans as rushees exited party.

As much as GCers enjoy a quick recruitment story, I must bid you to tune in tomorrow for the rest of Harriet's adventure. Same Bat Channel!
Sometimes finding your sorority home means continuing a family tradition.
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