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Originally Posted by gotrojans! View Post
I actually do have a question on references. How long should your resume/packet for a rec. writer be? Should you include explanations for each activity and award listed?
For a resume I suggest keeping it similar to what a person would do a job. That means try keeping it to 1 or 2 pages max. I've seen PNM resumes that looked more like a daily diary of every day, random activities ever since grade school. Those get a bit tedious.

As for activities/awards, if they are commonly known things (ex. National Merit Society or Habitat for Humanity volunteer) then no explanation is necessary. If it is something local or specific to your area/HS (ex. the John Smith Award or the ABC Club) then an brief explantion is very helpful.

Also, I submitted my recruitment registration and the panhellenic at my school required that I submit a picture. All those writing my recs. are also requesting pictures. So will each chapter end up with a bunch of pictures of me and will that look desperate?
No you will not look desperate, you will look like every other PNM. If we recieve 6 recs for a PNM we expect to get 6 pictures and resumes.
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