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If your school does not have sororities, you have three options
1) Start a local sorority. You choose the name, symbols, design the ritual, recruit members and organize yourselves. You are a completely autonomous group. Ask the administration if you can start a Jewish Women's Sisterhood (since you go to a Jewish college), and tell them that your plan is to make it an exclusive society dedicated to strong scholarship and philanthropy. Members will be recruited by an interview process.

2) Get the administration's support to form an interest group for an NPC sorority and contact the NPC about your plans. You may have to recruit about 30 charter members and maintain numbers for a set period of time before you are formally colonized. Or if you are successful with option #1, you might then contact the NPC about colonizing at your school. They would absorb your local and all of the rituals and traditions you developed would be set aside in favor of the NPC. This may be a drag, but you have the benefit of an international sorority system and sisters all over the world.

Options 1 & 2 require a lot of work, however. As a young mom working on her BA, you may just not have that kind of time. Thus, Option 3 may be best

3) Join a community non-collegiate sorority. This is an existing organization that is community-based, not collegiate. Please check out this link for details:

Or you might look outside "sororities" to join an existing women's organization like a Temple Sisterhood, the Junior League, etc.
Click here for some helpful information about sorority recruitment and recommendations.
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