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Originally posted by ktsnake
The cream rises to the top. Those who do not compete fail.

It's the free market at its finest.
You're equating "marketable" with "good."

Often, in both the NIC and the NPC, the smallest groups are the ones that do the best job of staying true to the goals of their founders and their headquarters. Because they aren't as "fun," their numbers are lower and, under the NIC system, they are shut down.

Popular appeal is not the be-all/end-all of what we want in our chapters in the Greek system. Different groups appeal to different people -- some people want a GLO that's focused on academics, some want brother/sisterhood, others want partying, some want sports. Some want a smaller chapter, some want a large one, some want one in between.

Just because a group is large doesn't mean that it's a good chapter, nor does the fact that it might be small mean that it's a bad one.

Next argument?
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