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This isn't really "weird", but it does dovetail with the whole clueless PNM theme...

One of my friends and fellow rushees was ranking chapters low if she found out "they drank." Duh, every single panhellenic house on our campus had members that liked to party. The group she joined ended up having quite a few heavy drinkers, and the high school/church friend she had in the sorority - the girl who really pushed her hard to join the house before school started - never bothered to clue her in on the realities of Greek life. To make matters worse, that friend - whom I think became her big sis - ended up leaving the campus not too long after my buddy joined. So, the two main reasons why my pal chose her org essentially evaporated almost immediately.

Morals of the story - know your campus Greek culture and don't join a house for one person. My friend confided to me that she would have chosen her other pref group (which happened to be my chapter) or a Christian sorority had she known better. I was like, well, you would have been welcome with us...buuuut...we weren't exactly teetotalers either.

Oh well.
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