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I think Texas PHC was the only Panhellenic site I've seen that even came close to saying "YOU NEED THESE."

From their FAQs:

Do I need recs to go through recruitment?

Yes, you can still register and participate in recruitment without obtaining references. However, it is HIGHLY encouraged you seek out references for all of the chapters at UT. Try your best to find women willing to submit a reference, they only help the chapter to get to know you better. However, sometimes you won't be able to find a member of one or two chapters. In this case do not stress, chapters will still get to know you through your registration materials and through their conversations with you.

How many references should I try to get? Should I try to get them for every chapter?

We encourage all PNMs to actively seek recommendations for all chapters at UT. On average PNMs at UT submit 1-2 recommendations for each chapter.

Now they do not spell out "IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THESE, THEY WILL DROP YOU" but this is slightly better than "Don't worry! The chapters will get them and they are totally optional."
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