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Originally Posted by BlueBayou View Post
I can almost guarantee my daughter will not post her own journey. She is just not that type of gal.

But getting her ready really has brought back all my rush memories!

Hers will be interesting. She is going to a state school with a small greek system. But the student population is more like MIT than Alabama. It is only 3 days and allegedly very "chill." We shall see.

Chill and recruitment don't seem to go hand and hand in my mind.
I hope she enjoys it. My recruitment was *so* chill I didn't even know I was being rushed! But I know I would not have even gone through a formal rush as today's; I might have pledged informally with these ladies later, but I barely knew what a sorority was. Only one member of my extended family had gone to college, she far away, and it didn't even cross my mind until I got to school.

I'll take chill every time <grin>!
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