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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
Theta Phi Alpha’s identifier as a “Catholic sorority” is long gone for the most part. All it means is that many of their older chapters are at Catholic institutions.
Agreed with the first. The change was in 1968. I should have added the term "slim" to "possiblity". However the second sentence is actually odder. The Sorority was originally set up for Catholic women at non-Catholic schools (founding 1912), with the Sorority only allowing itself later to spread to Catholic schools (1939) and the majority of the chapters opened between 1940 and 1965 being at Catholic schools.

However, now having looked through the Theta Phi Alpha website, I see that Theta Phi Alpha has a policy of being open to transgender women, while not a guarantee, the likelihood of any sort of consistent organizational position against abortion seems even less likely.

(my apologies to any Theta Phi Alpha sisters for whom my guess caused a problem)
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