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Originally Posted by 28StGreek View Post
I know what you are saying. But on that all important first day(s) of IWT the Chapters have all the power. The situation does get more mutual towards pref.

The three mid performing chapters than PNM Polly goes back to was because she had already been cut by the 'top' chapters.

I know tiers is a topic that is taboo on GC, but lets face it at some schools PNM Polly is only hoping for 3-4 chapters when recruitment begins. And I am well aware that "every school has tiers", but every school has football teams too, and some are just in a different league.

I think in some situations its can be a disservice to PNM Polly to make the process sounds egalitarian. Otherwise we'd never get all those: "Why didn't I get a bid' stories. The majority of them didn't get a bid because they didn't stay the course and go back to the parties they had, and they dropped out of recruitment because they were cut by the chapters they wanted, thus shows the power structure between the Chapter and PNM on Day 1.

I don't mean to sound condescending its just I know my verbosity has a habit of making myself poorly understood. I totally apologize for that happening!

NB: Probably the most common comment i get back from professors: "Please rewrite this paragraph, I don't understand what you are trying to say"
Not everyone can join the top three groups. Like I said earlier, there can only be true mutual selection when there is no quota. You are, of course, assuming that everyone wants the top three groups and could never go into recruitment wanting anyone else, which is far from the truth. You also are assuming that PNMs come into recruitment with decisions fully made and only change them because they are released. This is also not true. If you're using your own experience during recruitment as the basis of your views or the stories on GC, they are not the norm.


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