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Originally Posted by 28StGreek View Post
Well thank y'all for the discussion!

Just a thought are the opinions of "Blunt, Rational, Transparent recruitment" vs "inclusive, every PNM has an equal chance recruitment" philosophies vary depending on whether a campus' Panhellenic recruitment is considered competitive?

Does the Panhellenic community at very competitive schools feel that PNMs should know how competitive it is and that they really are being chosen from a very similar field with many PNMs having stellar resumes?

This might go in the same box as "All PNMs need recs to every house or they will be cut, but Panhellenic can't explicitly state this"?

Or is this feeling present throughout Panhellenics across the majority of campuses big or small; and its just the PC police that makes the situation misrepresented to the PNMs?

Am I making sense?
Panhellenic (the entity) does not know the membership selection procedures of the individual groups so honestly, it is in their best interests (regardless of what I said below) to NOT say "you have to have recs or you'll get cut from all chapters." They don't know what criteria those chapters are using to release women unless they're in the room when it's happening. For all they know, they're using the Animal House method.

However, there's nothing to stop THE CHAPTERS from putting that information on their web page.

And to the bolded, I would say yes. That's the old girl network I referred to.

On another note, I think that NPC doesn't want to make the process sound harder than it really is at schools where Greek life is struggling already.
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