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Sure will!

My dog had a tumor which grew from nothing to about the size of a half dollar within a month. His groomer pointed it out to me, and was kind enough to check with all of her employees to see if any of them had noticed it during his last grooming. I check him all over every night when I brush him - just didn't think to go up under his collar. I took him straight from the groomer to the vet.

His first biopsy was benign - Praise God! - but since it was on the lymph gland, the vet suggested that two extra stainings be done. I okayed them, but had to wait almost two weeks for the results. I got them today - and he is 100% fine! I can't wait to tell my groomer (and give her a great big tip!)! He's behaving so well now, it's as if he knows what happened. I try to keep his collar off of him in the house, too, and he's been very good about it.
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