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What ever happened to Gamma Sigma Fraternity?

In 1869, at the Brockport Normal School (today SUNY Brockport,) the Gamma Sigma Fraternity was founded originally as the Gamma Sigma Society. It eventually grew to be the largest high school fraternity in the county. It had a lot of chapters in Canada. In 1969 it published its 100th Year anniversary booklet. Since then, little is known of the Gamma Sigma Fraternity founded in 1869 at Brockport. Not much information is found online regarding what happened to Gamma Sigma Fraternity from Brockport past 1969.

So my question to the general Greek community is, what ever happened to the Gamma Sigma Fraternity founded at Brockport, N.Y. in 1869?

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.
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