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Originally Posted by ASTalumna06 View Post
Exactly the same "humor"? Eh, I'm not so sure. But I guess for me, I've never found a reason to utter a racial slur - nor have I thought about it, even in a joking way - so I interpret this as being different. But perhaps it isn't.
You had to Google it because you didn't think it could be real? Either you didn't play this game, or this stuff really doesn't offend you, because, if we are to believe you are as offended by all of this as you say you are, how could you not remember this? I regularly advise my actives against playing this game as I can only imagine the fallout if some video of some college kids playing this game was ever to be made public in today's PC climate.

What happened here according to the Fraternity--uttering racial slurs to make fun of someone who was associated loosely with people who actually do make racial slurs because that individual would be embarrassed to be associated with, for example, white nationalists.

I tend to believe the Fraternity if the affidavits filed in the lawsuit are correct and one of the people being disciplined for this was African American, another Jewish.

What happens with CAH--uttering racially charged words, not because anyone wants to denigrate anyone's race, but because the rules dictate that you have to come up with the most shocking/humorous combination of cards given the options in your hand. And you might be holding only these cards: "A big black dick, "an even bigger black dick," "the holocaust," "Anne Frank's genitalia," "slavery," and "not giving a shit about the third world." (all actual cards). I don't think anyone should be allowed to police what anyone else finds funny. That seems a tad thought-policey.

Either way, I really can't blame the school for taking this as seriously as they have in the current climate this country is in. And there's video which will live forever on the internet. The school can't just ignore that and say, "Everyone, chill. It was a joke."
They could. They actually could do that. They could allow for an actual investigation without expelling an organization permanently, expelling students permanently, suspending others from academics as finals are coming up. That was totally an option and now they have a multimillion dollar lawsuit to contend with. I hope SU writes some big 'ol checks. Maybe that'll slow the roll of future administrations wanting to pander to the PC mob.
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