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Originally Posted by nyapbp View Post
It would be wonderful if there could be some sort of college/university based Alumnae Panhellenics. Young alumnae who are graduate students and undergraduate members who do not have access to a collegiate chapter could meet other NPC members. Anyone know of a campus where this type of organization exists?
Originally Posted by honeychile View Post
I am wracking my brain for exactly where, but there are (or were) campuses where clubs called Stray Greeks or such are set up for Greeks who transferred and find themselves in your situation. There is no exchange of ritual, of course, but they still try to participate in charities and such. This is/was popular when universities had more than one campus, and the major of students transferred to the main campus for their junior and senior years.

Maybe that would be a way for you to go.
Boise State, I think. I love this idea.
Gamma Phi Beta
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