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2014/2015 Colonies/Expansions/Charters/Closures

I just want to use this section to clarify:

-Please cite a source if you have one. Facebook page, the official webpage of an organization, a campus Greek Life webpage, etc., are all acceptable.

-In the colony sections, I list the colonies that are for this school year (Fall '14-Spring '15). However, since IFC colonies often take 1-3 years before chartering, I will mark a colony from a previous year with an '*'.

-I try to keep the list as accurate as possible, but I make mistakes (see the University of Michigan debacle and the unfortunate mistake for the University of North Carolina in last year's thread). If anyone sees a mistake (the wrong group listed, misspellings, etc.), please feel free to let me know.

Once again, there is no way to do this on my own. I appreciate all the help and efforts of everyone who sends me or posts information. I also appreciate the kind words and messages that people send. Truly thankful.
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