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1) Back in like 2003, I went to Southern CA to meet Polarpi and another sister that I only knew via Greekchat. The other sister picked me up from the airport and I stayed with her. My parents, prior to me leaving, asked me "why would someone who doesn't know you pick you up and let them stay with you", I told my parents "because we are sisters".

2) A similar situation happened in 2004. My brother was in the AZ national guard and was at Fort Dix. He was scheduled to be deployed to Kuwait in December. As we knew we wouldn't get to spend Christmas with him, my parents and I went to him for Thanksgiving. As I couldn't afford a hotel, a sister (who I met on Greekchat), offered to pick me up from the airport and stay with her (and her family). She even was gracious enough to pick my brother up from Dix, as he was released on break early and my parents flew into Philly (I fly into Jersey).

Other little things have happened in my life where I've been not only grateful for my ADPi sisters but for my Panhellenic sisters as well.
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