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Two stories, one as a collegiate, one from alumna:

1) I was dating a man from a fraternity, and we were pinned. One night, we sat down and talked about our relationship, and agreed that we really did not have a future, and it was time to be honest with each other. There were no hard feelings, just the sadness of two years of thinking that we would marry and the grim realization that it wasn't going to happen. This happened over the summer.

The next term, I was bringing a lot of things up to the ADPi Suite (where I lived) and as I was getting into the elevator, he and his new girlfriend got on with me. He immediately took one of the bags with which I was struggling, and insisted on coming up to our floor. While his new girlfriend waited at the elevator, he helped me get my things to my new room.

Later that night, the sadness finally overtook me. It wasn't from wanting him, as I knew that we would be friends when we saw each other, it was more from loneliness. As I was sobbing in my room, another sister (who was not really a close sister at the time) came in, put her arms around me and told me that he wasn't worth it, I had thousands of sisters who loved me, I had too much to offer, etc. This sounds so stupid, typing it out, but Ginny saved my sanity that night. I'm not sure if she ever completely understood that I wasn't crying from him, but I will forever thank her.

2) The night before my recent wedding, I realized that I had left my sorority pin in my hometown! I was so upset, but I emailed the sisters (neither of whom I had ever met, except from GreekChat!) if I could borrow one of their pins. Both lent me their pins! Both were also blue - one had aquamarine points, and the other had the turquoise instead of pearls! So, I had "something borrowed AND something blue" - both from dear, dear ADPi sisters! I didn't throw my bouquet at the reception, but polarpi and ASUADPi, I still have it with me. If you need to catch a bouquet, we can work that out for you!

Lastly, the older I get (me, old?!), the more I'm sure that Alpha Delta Pi is a constant in my life. I only wish that every sorority woman gets the lifetime experience that I have been fortunate enough to enjoy!

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