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Originally Posted by DSTRen13 View Post
Curious as to what you mean by this? I don't want you to have to call out anyone by posting examples, but I'm just not sure what you're referring to.
Mostly in younger orgs, but when they write their histories and post it on their websites as well as in other public venues and it includes info like "we were looking at another org but decided not to go that route, or we split from another org" because they didn't exemplify true sisterhood, etc. etc. I just feel like it is unecessary and draws attention away from the group itself. Most of the time (if not all of the time) the orig group isn't reference by name, so it's not like its a "buyer's beware" sort of warning, so I feel like what is the point. If it played such a significant role in the forming of your organization then let it be known to members and pledges as it seems to be what most GLOs would place under private info anyway, but why post it?

For example, many people know the history behind the split between DST and AKA, but DST isn't putting that on websites and such. It distracts, imo, from what the organization (not DST here, but orgs that do this) is (trying to be) about.