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Originally Posted by Remiechi View Post
Supposedly the SAT proctor changed a student’s answers after test completion? Unless the test was administered in a room with the proctor and student being the only ones there, it would be almost impossible to correct an answer sheet. It’s not like the proctors have an answer key. And aren’t the students required to seal their answer sheet in an envelope at the end of the test period? That would require the proctor to break the seal and go over the test question by question.
Wouldn’t it far easier to have someone take the test for the student, as William Macy’s fictional son in Shameless did?
There is a lot of detail in the document linked below:

It is exactly as you describe, they found a way to have the student and the proctor alone in a room so answers could be changed, among other things.

The guy coordinating the scam raked in $25M from these parents. Truly unbelieveable! Well, maybe not! I suspect when you have that much disposable income, and no morals, you will spend it to ensure that your kids find success.
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