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@Benzgirl, I think you typed too fast. Lori Loughlin & Mossimo Giannulli's daughters are Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose. Both daughters are USC Kappas.

Charlotte Todd, daughter of Todd & Diane Blake, is a USC Alpha Phi.

IF other affiliations are revealed, please update.

The BBC news feed has more. The trolling on social media is wild. Reportedly there are other offspring with Greek affiliations involved in this, and it's a hot mess IMO. Gonna see a lot of heads rolling (the USC employees who took the bribes just for starters!). And the admissions (as well as current status) of unqualified non-Greek students at USC is a list that will be interesting to peruse.

Watching to see if there will be other universities implicated. Am I too awful to hope Harvard and Yale are dirty? Yes I know that is petty; my "justification" is that I have a dog in that fight. Actually, we all do.
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