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Originally Posted by CutiePie2000 View Post
My grandfather was actually in a Latvian "fraternity" (they're referred to as "Student Corporations" in Europe) called Ventonia.
Yes, there are some German-model oriented fraternities in other countries, e.g. Latvia, Chile, Japan, England, France, Belgium...

Of course in Austria and Switzerland as well, as they do have the similar system than in Germany (the sorority system in Austria is much more developed, but most corporations are religious).

Originally Posted by CutiePie2000 View Post
When I was in Heidelberg, I got a tour of the German "fraternity house" of Burschenschaft Vineta.
Isnīt Heidelberg beautiful? I love that town. I went there last summer and stayed a few days in the house of Turnerschaft Ghibellinia directly below the castle. Very impressive!

By the way: Did you hear about the tradition of "Couleurbesuch"? In Germany, fraternities and sororities (and even the unisex corporations) do visit each other to have a beer together. It is also common to visit several different houses per evening, a so-called "Couleurbummel". You get your drink for free, because you will have visitors as well. Very nice tradition... especially at the end of the month....
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