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Originally Posted by VictoriaGermany View Post
Just wrote a long reply but unfortunately my browser collapsed. Okay, I try to give some short facts:

The first fraternities were founded 200 years ago. The first sorority in 1899. Sororities and fraternities were forbidden in the 2. World War. After the war some fraternities reopened.
The first "new" sorority was founded in 1976. Today we have about 30 sororities in Germany, half of them were founded after year 2000.

German fraternities are usually named after geographical areas or rivers, e.g. Danubia, Slesvico-Holsatia, Germania, Palatia....

German sororities are mainly named after Greek or Roman goddesses (e.g. Athenia, Athena, Victoria, Selenia) or strong women.

Freshman are not treated in the way you do in America. We are happy to have new members and as there are a lot of stereotypes about fraternities and sororities, it is not easy to get new members.

The traditions of the German fraternities/sororities are mainly based in Germans history. For example: Some fraternities practise the academic fencing which has nothing to do with the fencing you know as sports.

We also have a specific kind of celebration called "Kneipe" where we sing traditional student songs, we hear speeches and we drink a lot of alcohol.
Thanks for your wonderful history lesson. You or someone in your organizations should write a brief ezine, or book about it. Seriously!

It sounds like it is a Germanic heritage and cultural expression mechanism for Fraternities and Sororities.

SOME American fraternities and sororities that are closely associated with colleges and universities are based on various heritages and cultures. While there are some "stereotypes" that American fraternities and sororities have as "American historical pursuits and traditions" that we all get labeled as having, such as those seen "Animal House", "ABC GREEK" and "Stomp the Yard"; all are about doing wonderful things for individual members and the community.

I think the issue here is in the United States: allegedly, we do have the "right to free association" as a Constitutional Bill of Right for all citizens... As I understand it, the E.U. has confirmed those rights as covenants and then added more.

I think several entities after the WWII did not want the German citizens to EVER form any groups of change among the "educated" again. Although, at some level it is unfair, in others, I can see why folks are concerned.

In the US, although the government legally cannot control who people associated with, they do require registration of large sums of money to be justified by a IRS federal taxes, such as 501c7 and 501c3 codes. And if one does not want their information, such as design of any insignia stolen, they must incorporate it through the Federal IRS and State Tax system. If events occur that block free access to locations, groups will get arrested for that without appropriate permits.

As far a dress, folks can wear whatever they want to, as long as it is not indecent exposure for the given weather climate and location. Although in the 1990's somewhere in the Northern California there was the "naked man"... And we also have the "homeless" bums that wear whatever...

I think that in Germany, no one can EVER wear items reflecting WWII replicates... I could be wrong. Ironically, some folks in the US try wearing all the stuff here. They can be arrested, but more likely, they will be beat up... Or folks will have huge anger issue with that occurring.

Most groups have potential new members (PMN) or candidates for Membership Intake Processes (MIP). I believe Ariesrising runs the "Greekpages" site that explains the variations of each group.

PMNs generally are recruited and are freshman upon initiation. MIP candidates select their organization and pursue membership independently, rarely some are freshman upon initiation.

Hazing is illegal in most states with jail time. People should never do it. I do not condone it. But the actions of few ruin it for all.

Did you want to have this discussion "top side"? Because it is helping me observing it from another country's POV. Also, there is a graduate (alumnae) chapter of my sorority in Frankfurt, Germany near the US Military Base.
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