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Originally Posted by VictoriaGermany View Post
Hi guys,

I am founding member of a new sorority in Germany (founded last year) and I am looking for members of fraternities and sororities in America who would like to discuss about differences and similarities between American and German sororities/fraternities.

If you are interested, please send me a PM or add me on ICQ: 276-889-578 (tuigirl).

Personally, I don't know anything about German Sororities and Fraternities. Can you give us some links to educate ourselves regarding the histories of these organizations?

Most American fraternities and sororities are Greek lettered and associated with a college or university, with the exception of the Shriners, Masons, DAR's, etc--even there are fraternities in military service. There are variations there in.

Are you asking about American "Secret Societies"? The easiest place is Wikipedia to get information rapidly.
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