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I think cost of living can vary quite a bit by location - there are so many variables. Gas, car use/public transit options, parking, entertainment, taxes and grocery options can be pretty different.

A friend of mine moved from Los Angeles to Austin, TX a couple of years after graduation. She obviously saved a lot on housing (rent was about 40-60% what she was paying in LA), but she noted that she spent a TON less on entertainment (bars, mostly) and taxes.

When I moved from LA to DC, hubs and I were able to go from two cars to one, and even drove a lot less on the one car we did have, which meant lower insurance.

*Winter* - depending on the government job, there still may be some leeway within a range - different "steps" within a level, etc. I think you should go through the application process, and if offered the position, negotiate. My philosophy is that women always talk ourselves out of negotiating better for our salaries (I'm completely guilty), and if you're at the position where they offer you the job, you have nothing to lose by asking.
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