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Originally Posted by PhilTau View Post
Generally, assuming you are asking about traditional male social fraternities, the most important thing is that they like you and that you like them. If they like you, any objection to giving you a bid based on the years remaining to graduation would likely be shouted down. A good fraternity does not base membership decisions on how many years a potential member will be paying active dues.
I'd put a *tiny* interesting caveat to that. At one school that I've heard of, the rules on the greek system involving having to make grades force the fraternities and sororities to initiate at the beginning of the following semester (for example, Rush and pledging and bids to initiate are in fall but they are not allowed to initiate first thing in the spring if the GPA for the pledge in the pledging semester is below a 2.0 or something). As a result of that, fraternities and sororities can not pledge someone in the expected *final* semester prior to graduation) However, since that would be incredibly rare anyway, the rule isn't viewed as much of an imposition by the school.
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