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Day 2

After not getting a phone call in the morning, I was happy to be going back to some houses for skits! However, that happiness quickly turned to despair when I got my schedule for the day.

While itís normal for girls to have 5-6 houses to go back to for Skit Day, I only had 3.

Africa, Europe and Asia.

With none of those being very high on my initial list, I had to work really hard to keep my composure while my Rho Gamma made sure I was alright. (We really connected through this process from Day 1, which was really really awesome.) I said I was and that I was thankful to be going back to any houses when some girls werenít going back at all.

Fortunately I had about an hour before my first party, so I was able to call my mom and my sister to vent my sadness.

I went to Europe for the first party, and I really enjoyed myself there. After that morning I was looking to be cheered up and thatís just what I got! Their skit was very sweet and true to their personalities which I really appreciated. I was then paired with a girl who I had know in the semester before, which made me feel a lot better. We had a really amazing conversation about the both of us being involved in marching band in our high school years, which was something we were both passionate about. Another member joined us and the three of us talked a while about our siblings, which was another topic very close to my heart. By the time I had to leave, my mood was much better and my heart felt really good there.

Next was Africa, which I was really very impressed with! They had the most darling skit and theme for the day (Finding Nemo!) and their decorations and outfits were really clean and classy. I talked to a couple of different girls about my passion for kids, especially my little cousin. I also talked with the one member about my recruitment experience to that point, and choosing to focus on the positive, we had a really honest and refreshing conversation about turning something that could be upsetting into a new and exciting experience. I really felt myself relax here and I found myself really appreciating the diversity of personalities and experiences of the girls in this house. I really wanted to come back!

Lastly was Asia. I felt really disappointed with my conversations here and one active members I was talking with asked me about my past romantic relationships, which was really strange and kind of a sensitive topic for me. I could tell she was mortified that she asked and it was kind of something that slipped out, so I let it slide since I was having such a good day. Their skit was pure gold, and I was glad my visit ended on a high note.

So for the rankings at the end of the day went again from highest to lowest:

I also forgot to mention that we do a deferred recruitment, so we all come back to campus a week earlier than everyone else to get all of our days done that week and Bid Day being the Sunday before class starts.
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