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I have not only a reason why I was cut from a fraternity's invite but
A reason why I cut a fraternity...

I was at unsaid fraternity's station that I DID NOT want to be at but we were supposed to visit all of them... when I walked up the first words out of their mouths were "Soooooo... How much money did your parents make in the last fiscal year?" I don't know if this was the question they asked people they didn't want to talk to but, I had known their reputation on campus from my previous year and knew some of the guys from there and knew they probably weren't kidding.

[I am not a nice person in my everyday life, on the contrary I am a very REAL person. And to top that off, I am much better with words than most guys are because, both of my parents were public speakers by profession growing up.]

I leaned in and quietly ripped them up one side and down the other using some very choice words.
It was the equivalent of a mother pulling her son off the playground by the ear.

It was a mutual cut.
*Through Hardships To The Stars*
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