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Originally Posted by robinseggblue View Post
I can't say, I wasn't there. I was just presenting a possibility for those who expressed they didn't "understand" how a victim could not fight back in the case that she didn't want to have sex.

I don't understand how you're expecting anyone to judge a case from a couple of sentences printed in a newspaper article and I find that lacking in good sense. Who is anyone on here to judge what a proper punishment should be in a situation we are neither part of nor know the full facts of?
What an interesting response.

This is what we are all being asked to do with the Rolling Stone article. And the hundreds (thousands?) of other articles that insist our universities are failing their students with their responses.

Your line of thinking seems to be: "she had slept with him before and she got into bed with him (how could she expect him not to want sex?), she said no but then didn't resist when he tried again...therefore not deserving of the classification of rape?" Ok. Cool story bro.
No, my line of thinking is this: It's an article that is clearly sympathetic to the alarm some are raising about rape culture at Swarthmore. Journalists doing this style of story usually lead with their most persuasive allegation, and it's clearly her story, we don't ever hear his side. So this is the view of the facts that best supports her rape claim. And that's all there is? Personally, I'd have a very difficult time expelling him from college and calling him a rapist, based on that evidence. Your mileage may vary, which is why I asked.

We can easily stipulate that these are the only facts an administrator has to base a decision on and that both students sound credible and believable at in-person interviews. its a thought experiment, remember?

Edited to add: just so I'm clear...My opinion does not then automatically mean I think this woman is lying. She may sincerely believe she was raped. But if this is rape, it happens in millions upon millions of bedrooms all across the country every night. (yes, Dr.Phil, I know, I know...its the patriarchy.)

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