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(The girls are Parakeet, Starling, Chickadee, and Dove)


The girls went through their first official round of recruitment. They're all very different personality wise so I'm very interested in what houses everyone will pref.

They're all in separate rho chi groups so they're left Tutweiler at the same time and arrived at Tutweiler at different times, that'll change when rush really starts flowing but it's nice that they're all split up now so they can get their own first impressions from all of the houses without the influences of the group.

Everyone is a legacy and got to see their legacy house(s) these past days and that was especially exciting.

Dove and my daughter, Twizzler, were especially close when they were younger, born on the same day, they are the closest of friends. Dove's hoping, hoping, hoping, that she'll end up in the same house as my Twizzler.

Everyone was impressed by every house today and is excited for tomorrow. Everyone also had a lot to say about all of the lovely things each house had and how every sister presented herself so nicely.

My girlfriends and I walked the row today and yesterday, we visited The Trunk (the Greek store), and watched the sights and saw the scenes of rush week.


Cuts came to light this morning and boy, were we shocked. I've seen cuts happen but NOTHING like this. Hundreds of girls were cut, some entirely dropped, I'm in awe at how everything rolls so smoothly with each house.

All 4 girls are returning to 12 houses philanthropy round, everyone has a packed schedule but it came with a lot of surprises for everyone. A lot of the houses they were expecting to get back were not on their lists.

They read the rankings on Greekrank and are just now realizing that taking recruitment advice from an anonymous website may have been the wrong idea!

They're are also national rankings at Bama that the girls are learning about. Hierarchy of popularity and all. It's ridiculous because, at the end of the day, we're all Panhellenic sisters.

Laugh of the day:
A girl named "Mary Jesus" ran out of the house before Dove and when Dove heard her name, she said "Marry Jesus? That's what my great aunt did, she's a nun!" quite loudly to the active who was rushing her.

(I don't know if I'm allowed to list the houses they'll be returning to but if anyone is interested, PM me!)

That's all for my Alabama updates for these past 3 days!
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