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Originally Posted by GreekOne View Post
I was pleasantly surprised when my daughter moved into her house (on another campus). The cost of room and board in a beautiful 100+ person house with staff was thousands of dollars less than living in the dorm with a meal plan. If it can be done elsewhere, it could be done at Penn State. The biggest challenge I see is having no land to build unless they were to tear down existing houses to make room. I home it is the start of something new for PSU sorority women.

I just wonder how likely other sororities will be interested in following Phi Sig's lead. At what point is it necessary to have a house to stay competitive?
Two of my great aunts went to Penn State, and one was a professor there. I have their photo albums, and it shows them at a house (and I forget the name at this moment). The research it did showed that it was a local which became Kappa Alpha Theta. So, there IS a history of sorority houses at PSU, albeit almost 100 years ago!
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