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Originally Posted by SydneyK View Post
That's interesting. Do you know how often the pins are worn? In my experience, collegians typically take advantage of pin-wearing opportunities more frequently than alumni (it is a co-ed group, right?).
This is a local, co-ed group, not in the US, but in The Netherlands. The pins are usually worn to group-related meetings, initiations (if present as an alum) and graduations.

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In The Netherlands most student groups/fraternities/sororities (not GLOs because of lack of Greek letters but much the same in most ways) wear neckties (the men) and cravats (the women) mostly in the same ways North American GLOs wear their pins. The ties and cravats are given to each initiate and may be passed down through generations if family members decide to join the same group. There are special fabrics to commemorate special occasions and sometimes special ties/cravats for ritual or officers. Officers usually wear neck badges that belong to the group and are passed on from year to year. In some cases the badges are as old as the groups, which means they can date back to the early 1800's.

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